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A message sent by a bouquet

Flowers have wonderful messages called "flower language", but there are also some that change the message depending on the number of roses. For example, roses. A bouquet of 100 roses means "giving 100% love". It is also nice to add several roses to a bouquet that the recipient likes, such as 3 roses for "confession of love", 5 roses for "I am truly happy to have met you", 8 roses for "thank you", and 11 roses for "my beloved". Also, the 12 roses called a dozen roses are said to have their own meaning. They contain 12 messages: "eternity, truth, glory, gratitude, effort, passion, hope, respect, happiness, trust, sincerity, and love", and when 12 roses are gathered together, they bring happiness. How about giving a dozen roses as a gift that not only conveys your feelings to your loved one, but also delivers a message of gratitude to your important person.
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